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We are one stop shop for campus recruitment
  • Campus hiring can be enormously expensive if visiting many colleges – visiting limited colleges limit your options
  • It takes weeks or even months to talk to placement officers, visit all campuses, conduct tests and interview candidates.

We can take the burden off your shoulders. We evaluate candidates across several campuses in India including IITs and NITs based on your own custom criteria by evaluating them based on GPA, test scores in Aptitude, Math, Probability, Programming, Coding and their resume.

Our Advantage

[ What testing firms do ]

You do the hard work of talking to college placement officers, finalize the list of target colleges and these online testing companies just take online tests on your behalf

[ What WE DO ]

We are much more than a testing agency
On your behalf, we can talk to Placement officers and arrange on-campus tests in as many universities as you want across India.
3 layer assessment to deliver only the best matching candidates.
  • Online testing
  • Short interviews: Our experts take 15-20 min interview for high performing candidates.
  • Resume analysis: We even analyze resume of matching candidates and then finally deliver you the candidates you would love
We can even promote your brand on our website leading to much more applicants.

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Don’t compromise with the quality of candidates by limiting your exposure to few colleges. Hire the best – do all this while reducing the hiring cost drastically.

Let’s get you the best candidates.